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About Us


Committed to Excellence

I am a plain language writer, editor, and trainer. I am currently a member of the Technical Committee for Plain Language at Accessibility Standards Canada. My work includes the first plain language guide for sexual assault survivors in Canada: A Survivor's Guide to Sexual Assault Prosecution. Recent clients include the Government of Nova Scotia, the Canadian Commission for Complaints of Telecom-television Services (CCTS), and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

My Team

When I need specific expertise,  or when the project is simply to large for one person to handle, these are the people I trust most to get the job done.

Gwen Davies
Plain Language Editor

Gwen's strength is in the details. She can get right to the heart of a complex legal statement and edit it into words that almost anyone can understand. When I need someone who can quickly grasp the meaning of the most complex sentences, I call on Gwen. She is is quick, accurate, clear, and gets right to the point, When Gwen and I work together, I concentrate on structuring content to make it easy to find information and I let Gwen work the details so that the information is super easy to understand.


Kathy Kaulbach
Designer & Editor

Kathy sees design as integral to clear communication. That's why I love working with her. Kathy takes the time to learn about the intended audience so that she can design information that fits in where they need it, whether it's a handbook that fits in a glove box or an interactive PDF. She also creates informative illustrations from a comic book-style explanation of how a bill becomes a law, to technical drawings of vehicles and safety gear. When we take on a project, Kathy and I work hand in glove. We're your clear communication Dream Team!


Margo Wheaton
Copy Editor

A poet by trade, Margo knows style and can stick to it. Margo does more than fix spelling errors, grammar, and punctuation. She finds the style choices made within the content and ensures that the same style is carried through from beginning to end. She is conscientious and detail-oriented.

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